These are the 10 most and lease ‘Bible-Minded’ cities in America 0 Did yours make the list?

The American Bible Society and the Barna Group are back with an updated list showing where residents in 100 U.S. cities rank when it comes to Bible-mindedness.

The top contender for the city most in tune with the holy book? Chattanooga, Tenn. The least? Providence, R.I., coming in the 100th slot as America’s least Bible-minded city.

So how exactly is this characteristic measured? As Christianity Today reported, it is based on combined levels of regular reading of the Bible (self-reported consumption in the past seven days) and belief in the text’s accuracy.

The American Bible Society noted that common geographic stereotypes were reaffirmed in the most recent findings. Consider that the Midwest and South are distinguished as the most “Christian” regions in the U.S., while numerous cities on the East Coast were found to be some of the least Bible-minded localities in the nation.

Click here to see the list


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